AMETEK Aerospace linear “LVDT” are designed for accurate measurement of position in aircraft and missile systems. They are tested to meet the most stringent environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810 and MIL-E-5400.

These single-voltage or dual-voltage output devices are designed for high accuracy and reliability. The LVDT’s welded construction will withstand exposure to extreme environments and many types of fluids and gases.

Internal temperature compensation can be included to minimize temperature effects, and accuracy can be specified to +0.15%.
Where system operation requires dual output signal, AMETEK can provide “tandem” designs that combine two LVDTs in a single transducer assembly. These special designs utilize single-shaft construction, and provides two outputs of equal amplitude with carefully matched “null” positions. A special coil design virtually eliminates output-to-output crosstalk. Phase-matching networks can be included within the LVDT assembly to precondition the output signal for direct connection to control and display circuitry.


  • Wide range of operating frequencies to match aircraft and missile systems requirements.
  • Full range motions for +0.01 inches to +6 inches.
  • Performance and construction to meet extreme operation conditions.
  • Single-voltage and dual-voltage outputs are available for redundant or dual-function systems.
  • Case and fitting configurations can be custom designed to fit actuator and control surface requirements.
  • Ametek
  • German Gulf
  • L3 Aviation Products
  • Nexess