AMETEK Aerospace & Defense offers a highly reliable and cost effective method of sensing the temperature of aircraft fluids, including fuel, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid.

The TJ107 family of Temperature Sensors is in service on numerous commercial and military aircraft around the globe. AMETEK utilizes proven sensing technologies including Resistance Temperature Devises (RTD) and Type-K Thermocouples for measuring fluid temperature depending on system interface or accuracy considerations.

AMETEKs experience with the unique environmental requirements for aircraft fluid systems provides the customer with the assurance of a low risk solution.

AMETEK offers a standard, all-stainless steel, hermetic package for value and schedule considerations but can tailor the design to your unique requirements also. Mechanical interface options include an industry standard, threaded fluid fitting or a flange mount for connector keying or error-proof installations.

Variety Of Electricity Interfaces

Electrical connections can be accomplished with either a receptacle connector or integral cable assembly with a remote termination. Time response requirements are weighed against the structural requirements for the design. Additionally, AMETEK can offer dual elements for redundancy.

Multiple RTD Resistance vs. Temperature curves are available. Typical elements used include platinum, thin film for 100 Ω and 1000 Ω applications. Platinum wire wound elements can be packaged for 100 Ω, 200 Ω and 500 Ω applications. In addition, nickel wire wound elements per MIL-T-7990 standards are offered.

AMETEKs experienced engineers provide applications and sensor know-how to optimize your system design. AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has built a reputation for supplying innovative products for the most demanding aerospace applications.

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